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🌟 Create an engaged, thriving community Hub, and monetize your passion! 🌟

The trend of people bringing their communities home from social platforms is gaining momentum!

Whether driven by a desire for more control over their community's structure, access rules, and moderation, or community monetization, or the declining reach of social platforms, the appeal of self-hosted community is undeniable.

With Smart Forum Builder (SFB), you can create a stunning community hubβ€”an online gathering place for your members to connect, interact, and exchange ideas. 

Smart Forum Builder simplifies community-building process! You can create vibrant online communities without the need for technical expertise.

Community Hub

Imagine a digital space where your discussion forums are neatly categorized, making it effortless for users to navigate and engage with topics that matter most to them.

You can create multiple forums, each with its own set of discussion topics, providing a structured environment for meaningful interactions.

Personalized Activity Feed

You can provide community members with a personalized activity feed. This means they can customize their feed and see what they want to seeβ€” recent posts and activities of the forums/topics they’re following.

Users can easily access their activity feed by clicking on the "home" button on the left-hand menu in the community. This feature is configurable and can be deactivated. 

Gamified Dashboard - 

points, badges, Levels & more

Double your engagement - using Gamification!

Motivate, Engage, and Reward

The impact of rewards and recognition, such as points and badges, on community engagement cannot be overstated, as they greatly influence users' morale, motivation, and dedication to participating actively within the community.

SFB integrates with both GamiPress and MyCred, enabling the integration of gamification elements such as points, achievements, badges, and levels in users' activity feed, to further enhance engagement and encourage consistent contributions.

Member Directory

Smart Forum Builder comes with a powerful, step-by-step wizard to help you build out your forums! You can build it out manually or use AI to quickly build out your entire community space - categories, discussion forums and topics!

Find, Connect and Collaborate with Like-minded Community Members

You can easily enable member directory feature in the backend! It'll appear in the left menu (under 'members'). This is a configurable option. Your members can opt out of the directory if they don't want to be listed.

This feature currently supports member search by name, but additional features such as search by location, bio, and also members in a specific forum - coming soon!

Access + Integrations

You can make your community private or public. Private communities can only be access by logged-in members. Public communities can be viewed by anyone but only registered members can post. The level of access your logged-in members have can be configured in the backend - using tags, roles, or product-based access!

Forum Access

Control Forum Access Based on Memberships, WordPress Roles, Products, Courses or Tags

Role-Based Access

Allow forum access based on user's WordPress role. And what they can do, depends on the permissions. You can configure different permissions for each role. You can also create custom roles.

Tag-Based Access

Allow forum access based on user tags. SFB will check the tag users have. SFB integrates with both WP Fusion and FluentCRM. And what users can do, depends on the permissions assigned to the WP role that users have.

Product-Based Access

Allow forum access based on products, courses or memberships. SFB will check the products logged-in users have. SFB integrates with both DAP and WooCommerce. And what users can do, depends on the permissions assigned to the WP role that users have.


SFB has built-in integration with several platforms such as WooCommerce, DigitalAccesPass (DAP), LearnDash, WP Fusion, FluentCRM, GamiPress, MyCred, ThriveCart, SureCart, TutorLMS, etc. More integrations with popular platforms coming soon. 

1-Click Community Setup

1 Click Setup

Get started within few minutes

All you need to get started with SFB:

πŸ” A catchy name for your community.
🎯 Target audience for your online community.
πŸ“ Simple description detailing the purpose and objectives of your community.

If you are not sure, you can use SFB's AI for community ideas! Click a button and it'll setup key community forums and topics for you! You can go live within minutes of activating SFB on your site! 

An Online Home for your Members!

Create a Vibrant Community,

Not Just an Email List!

Centralized Dashboard

Your content and community – all in one place.

Imagine a centralized dashboard where your community, online courses, products, trainings, challenges, lead magnets, memberships - all live in one place!

The good news is... you can easily do this using SFB!

You can add custom menu items. Each menu item can be connected to any shortcodes. When users click on the menu item, it'll render the shortcode. You can also connect menu items to a specific URL or just display text content.

If you use our membership plugin - DigitalAccessPass.com, you can add DAP's course or product shortcodes to the course / product menu (see image above).

When members login, you can send them to a beautiful, centralized dashboard where they can not only access their products, but also explore forums and topics aligned with their interests, all within a distraction-free environment! 

With a dashboard that seamlessly integrates both content and community features, you'll effortlessly maintain member engagement, while encouraging interaction and participation in discussions among community members.

Courses  / Challenges

Offer FREE Courses / Challenges

Offer FREE Courses / Challenges

Your content and community – all in one place.

You can use SFB to offer free courses/challenges from your community dashboard. You can build them manually or create them using SFB's AI feature!

Users can sign up using SFB's registration page (you won't even need an opt-in page).

SFB does not yet have the fancy LMS features needed for paid products, but you can use it to launch your free courses/challenges. For paid content, you can use LMS such as DAP, LearnDash or TutorLMS.

More Features

SFB is a powerful community plugin! 

It's modern.
It's smart.
It's intuitive.
It has a beautiful UI.
It's fully customizable.
It's designed to help you keep bringing your members back to your site.

And it's loaded with features to help you monetize your community.

SPAM Control

From captcha, content moderation IP/Email blocking, double opt-in support, to reporting posts to admin, SFB has several built-in spam control features to help you run your community smoothly.


When a user finds content they want to save for later, they can click on the bookmark icon associated with that content. This action adds the content to their list of bookmarks.

Translations and Loco Translate Integration

You can translate all of the frontend messages.

Smart Forum Builder also seamlessly integrates with Loco Translate, allowing you to effortlessly translate your forum content into multiple languages, reach a global audience and break down language barriers with ease.

Menu Builder

You can configure both left side and top menu options. You can show and hide pre-defined menu options. You can add custom menu items. Menu items can be a URL, Link, or text content.

Email Notifications

You can configure different email notifications for admins and users! You can customize the contents of these emails. You can send registration email, double-opt email, new follower email, new topic approval email, new reply email, and more! 

Full-Fledged Report

Track Community Performance and Growth

You can't improve what you can't track! SFB comes with detailed reports to help you monitor how your community is doing, including your most active forums, popular discussions in different groups, and more!

AI-Powered Community

Setup Wizard: Step-by-step AI-powered wizard will help you build and launch your online community in minutes


How the setup wizard works

Worried about the time or amount of effort it will take to setup an online community? How about just 10 minutes? You can build your entire Online Community in less than 10 minutes - using SFB's AI-Powered, Step-by-Step Wizard.

What is your
community about?

Just enter a couple of lines about your business/niche, pick a community slug, and set community as private or public.

Setup brand colors
 and upload logo

You can configure primary, secondary brand colors and upload a logo image for your community page.

Pick a category. Use AI
to add relevant forums.

Pick a category. Add forum details manually, or get AI to generate relevant forums under the category!

Pick a forum. Use AI
to add relevant topics

Now pick a forum, and you can add topics manually, or get AI to generate relevant topics under each forum!

Use the 1-click community setup to add pre-built forums / topics.

SFB also comes with a quick start option (pre-built forums) to help you quickly go live with your community!

Congrats! Your online community space is ready!

It's ready! Now you can edit your forums, setup access/permissions and update it as needed.

Member Registration / Login

Use SFB's forms or connect to your custom page!

SFB comes with support for login and registration forms to allow community members to register, login and access your forums. If you do not want to use SFB's registration or login forms, you can disable it here, and enter the URL of your login/registration pages.

Registration Form

If you want to allow users to register for FREE and get access to forums, you can use SFB's registration form. 

  • Create/customize your registration form. Add custom fields if needed.
  • You'll find member data in the SFB backend.
  • If you don't want to use SFB's registration form, you can disable it in the backend.

Login Form

If you want to allow users to login to your forums using SFB, you can use SFB's login form. SFB will login them into WordPress.

  • Create/customize login form. 
  • If you don't want to use SFB's login form, you can connect login link to your login page.

Schedule your Posts

You can create your forums/topics ahead of time but schedule the release so they are available on a specific date! Your users will not see the posts in the frontend until the scheduled date/time!

Weekly Digest & Email Broadcast

Weekly Digest

Bring your members back to your site!

SFB can automatically email your community members all key events from your community - latest posts, popular posts, latest comments, popular comments, etc.  

You can customize this message. You can schedule what day / time of the week you want the email to go out. Members can opt-out of this email if they want.

SFB will use your SMTP connection to send this email once-a-week.

Email Broadcast

Send out "email broadcast" to your community members directly from SFB!

You'll have the option to send it to:

  1. All members
  2. Members of a specific category
  3. Members of specific forums

No email platform integration required!

In the email, you can use tags to send "latest comments", "latest posts", "popular comments", "popular posts", etc.

Sidebar Widgets

You can activate any of these Sidebar Widgets on your Discussion Forum Pages or User Activity Pages.

About Me - Widget

This widget allows users to provide information about themselves, such as a bio, and possibly links to their social media profiles or personal website. It helps community members get to know each other better.

Uploaded Videos / Images

The "Images and Videos" widget on the sidebar fetches and displays the images and videos uploaded by the currently logged-in user. Users can click on the thumbnails to view the full-size image or video.

Following / Followers

This widget displays the users who are following the current user and the users whom the current user is following. It facilitates social connections within the community and helps users keep track of their network.

Invite Friends / Followers

This widget enables users to invite their friends and followers to join the community. Great tool for expanding user base through word-of-mouth and social sharing.

Recent Forums / Topics

This widget displays a list of recent forum discussions or threads. It helps users stay updated on the latest conversations happening within the community and encourages participation in ongoing discussions.


This widget provides quick access to commonly asked questions and their answers. It helps users find solutions to common issues without having to search through the entire community.

Hey there!

I'm Veena Prashanth, creator of SFB!

Online self-hosted communities are back in a big way! 🌟

I am seeing so many requests for the best community platform recommendations in different forums and groups. Have you noticed it too?

You know why? πŸ€”

Many of you have groups on Facebook to bring people together, but people are getting tired of the noise, and a lot of things that are on these social platforms, and they want to go to a place that feels safe and they feel like they are just in a room full of people that want similar things and have similar goals! 

People are frustrated with the limitations and challenges that comes with running Facebook groups. Your content and community cannot be centralized. You can's monetize your community. You can't control access based on memberships, products or courses. There are other challenges such as algorithm changes and privacy concerns. 😩

In fact, I've wanted to add a community option to my own sites for many years, but didn't do so because the available options are either feature a clumsy and outdated frontend interface, or are hard to set up, or lack the necessary options to create a centralized "content + community" dashboard experience, or are restrictive, or lack the ability to control access based on memberships, tags, roles, etc., or are simply too pricey.

Say goodbye to all of the problems! Now that I've created SFB, possibilities are truly endless because I understand the needs and wants of my audience, and I also know what's truly required to build an engaged online community! 

Over the years, we've received numerous requests for a community platform, but we were always busy with our other products, and developing a full-fledged community platform is no easy task! I know that now! πŸ˜… 

But with the evolving landscape of digital marketing and the increasing influence of AI on SEO and website traffic, it's becoming evident that establishing an online home is a must-have for our audience.  So when we finally decided to do this, of course, we decided to go all in and build the best platform for our customers, focusing on what is truly essential for cultivating a thriving online community! 

This plugin costs a fraction of the price of other popular community platforms, is an easy-to-use, modern, beautiful plugin, loaded with tons of useful features to help you build a thriving community, and we are just getting started! 

Signup confidently! Lock in your price before it goes up!

This is the best investment for your business, for years to come because online self-hosted communities are here to stay! πŸ’ͺ

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Choose the PLAN that's RIGHT for YOU!

Annual Plan

$99/per year


  • Annual Payment. Renews at $99/year
  • 1-site License
  • All core features includeD. 
  • Bonus INCLUDED - details below.
2-Site License

$109/per year


  • Annual Payment. Renews at $109/year
  • 2-site license
  • All core features included.
On Demand Training

$119/per year


  • Annual Payment. Renews at $119/year
  • 5-site License
Lifetime License



  • ONE-TIME Payment.
  • 1-site lifetime License
  • Lifetime access to upgrades and support
  • Lifetime offer is only available for a limited-time.
Lifetime License



  • ONE-TIME Payment.
  • 3-site lifetime License
  • Lifetime access to upgrades and support
  • Lifetime offer is only available for a limited-time.

Please note:

1) All plans come with these add-ons - 
AI add-on, Member Directory, AWS add-on

2) This plugin is FREE for DAP elite members.

You won't go wrong with Smart Forum Builder! From features to support, you are signing-up for the BEST community platform to power your online business! 

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