April 9, 2024

How to use AI to Create your Forums – in 2 Minutes!

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The process of creating and managing forums can often be daunting, requiring technical expertise and time-consuming setup procedures. 

Well, not anymore! 🌟

With the Smart Forum Builder plugin and it's AI helper, crafting forums that perfectly suit your niche is now a breeze. Whether you've got a forum idea ready to go or need some inspiration, this AI-powered tool can help you brainstorm and bring your vision to life.

Let's dive into how you can use AI to build your own forum hassle-free.

Step 1: Getting Started

Choosing a Category:

First, you need to create a category for your forums. You can do this in SFB >> Categories page.

Say that you want to create a category called "quizzes" and want to add different forums where users can take quizzes /  assessments in different topics. 

Do you already have an idea, or need help?

Looking to create a forum but not sure where to start? You can use SFB's AI for Forum Ideas!

You can select "I need help with forum ideas" if you want to use AI to build out your forums. You can always update the content and settings later! 

Community Description & Forum Details

Share details about the type of forums you're interested in creating in this category, and short overview of your community's interests and preferred discussion topics. This will help SFB's AI give you better suggestions for your forum.


OpenAI or ChatGPT

You can use OpenAI (paid credits account) or our ChatGPT prompts (free).

If you have an OpenAI credits account, you can enter API credentials in SFB >> Settings Page. If you want to use ChatGPT, no need to enter the credentials.

Click on the NEXT button.

ChatGPT Prompt

If you selected ChatGPT, when you click on the next button, it'll give you the ChatGPT prompt.

Enter the prompt in ChatGPT.  

Enter the ChatGPT response back in SFB.

Click on the NEXT button.

Step 2: Pick Forum(s)

Whether you picked ChatGPT or OpenAI, now you'll have 10 different Forum Titles / Descriptions to choose from for your community! 

You can pick one or more Forum Ideas.

Then click on the next button.

Step 3: Summary

Congrats! Your forums are ready! You can preview the forums. It won't have any topics. So the next step for you is to add discussion posts/topics under each forum. 

Be sure to edit each forum and upload a feature image. Update content as needed.

Ready to start?

Are you ready to start your journey into the world of community building?